Spring/Easter Appeal 2018

Remember those cold winter days early in Lent: long starless nights and dark gray days? And that fateful Friday so long ago, when the Gospel of Mark reminds us that “a darkness came over the whole land….” [Mark 15:33]

That darkness is followed by the bursting forth of new life—the Resurrection of Jesus! EASTER! And those bleak days of winter are forgotten with the brightness and promise of Spring.

For us as Christians, Easter is the renewal of our spirit and of our faith. For everyone, it is Spring… life is born anew. Rejoice!

We are Easter People-brothers and sisters who let the light and glory of Easter radiate from us, reaching out to ease the burden of others. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Mission Helpers work in a food bank/financial aid center. In Maryland retirement centers, they offer both formal and informal spiritual support among elderly and often lonely residents. They are teachers in classrooms and parishes in Ohio, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland and New York; and, as Internet innovators, throughout the United States and Latin America.

At our missions in Venezuela, where there is social, political and economic chaos, our Sisters are God’s presence, bringing hope and compassion, in addition to food and medicines to the poorest of the poor in remote villages.

Please read about the conditions that our Sisters and our fellow Christians are enduring in Venezuela this blessed Easter season. And give as generously as you can in support of this, and all our missions. We pray God’s blessings on you and those you love. We are so very grateful for your support of our brothers and sisters in need in every community where the Mission Helpers serve